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Chondroitin, Liver hydrolysate, Curcumin


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Chondroitin Powder (Chondro-PCEX)

  • Available for foods, health foods products and supplements (e.g. tablets ).

  •  High chondroitin content: more than 75%. It includes a large amount of type A chondroitin, which decreases significantly with human aging.

  • Porcine cartilage extract origin products: 100% traceable and conforming to European regulations and HACCP.  

  • Manufacturer: ZPD A/S in Denmark, that is a subsidiary of Zeria Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • General information of Chondroitin: Chondroitin Web

Liver Hydrolysate Powder  (FL-N, KS)

  • FL-N is available for foods, health foods products and dietary supplements. KS is available for OTC drugs. Suitable for drink as well due to its high solubility
  • Porcine liver origin products: manufactured by hydrolyzing porcine livers with digestive enzymes and powdered. Porcine livers are obtained from healthy pigs raised in Japan, and all processes from production to packaging are conducted in Japan.
  • Reduced unpleasant odors of porcine liver by unique manufacturing process. High digestibility and absorbability after ingestion due to its low molecular weight.
  • Manufacturer: Kenso-Seiyaku Co.,Ltd. in Japan, that is a subsidiary of Zeria Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 

Curcumin Powder (Curcumin 95%)

  • Turmeric essence extracted by ethanol, available for foods
  • It does not contain iron, which may cause liver damage. 
  • Made in Vietnam